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Omnis Solar Power MILESTONE


  • GLOBAL LEADING SOLAR ManufacturerOur Story

    Founded in 2010, Omnis Solar Power is one of the most innovative and reliable solar products manufacturers in the world. Omnis Solar Power distributes its solar products, solutions, and services for a variety of utility, commercial, and residential applications worldwide with an organized annual capacity of 3 GW. Omnis Solar Power has multiple production facilities in Asia and global sales teams in the United States, Europe, China, and Singapore.

    Being an American qualified PV company in today’s globalizing world means operating in a way that reflects our values and connecting our business decisions to society’s needs. Our business makes a valuable contribution to society. We know that the development, manufacture, and sale of our PV panels and kits affect society and human lives. Therefore, we aim to be open and transparent about how we operate. Omnis Solar Power is committed to the corporate responsibility that comes with being in our industry, and we have taken a special interest in addressing the needs of the world. we are fully committed to the global.

  • Full Automatic Production LinesSmart Manufacturing

    Omnis Solar Power is an American managed smart manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products.The automation helps to provide precise assembly,avoid defects by speeding processes to achieve a higher quality. All production lines in Omnis Solar Power are managed by centralized operating system so any problem or break down by a robot or a machine are identified and proclaimed,so our line managers can instantly react.

    Our Manufacturer are assembled with developed control equipment to disclose and detect any diversities in temperature,humidity,and dust conditions. The robotic manufacturing and the full-automated production lines ensure that the materials from the beginning of the production to the packaging is all observed and checked to reduce error and inadequate products and insure higher quality during production.

    An advanced quality check is done by our engineers to make sure that internal defects will not be passed to the next stage after every assembly phase.

Reliable Products And ServicesQuality Control

Omnis Solar Power's rigid quality and accuracy are managed and validated by a number of strict tests. Our products have always preserve high reliability and solid performance depended on our engagement with our quality management system. We make sure that the control of the quality during every step of the manufacturing process is perfectly done, so our products have outstanding durability and world-class performance even in the harshest conditions. Our Quality control department assures the test and evaluation of the solar cells and Solar Panels to ensure the quality requirements they continually and reliably transmit and deliver the power assumed.

High Technology Equipment is used to manage quality control tests, material authenticity checks, and detailed research. More than 40 different tests can administrate a day, to higher requirements. A full visual inspection test, EL test, pressure test, mechanical load test and age test are done to verify that Omnis Solar Power modules function safely and smoothly.

Quality Control
Quality Control
Quality Control
Quality Control
  • We Make Solar SimplifiedMission And Vision

    Omnis Solar Power and its subsidiary companies are here to provide the highest quality products to our distrib Omnis Solar Power and its subsidiary companies are here to provide the highest quality products to our distributors, expert installers, and end-users globally. We aim to give our customers the best value while complying with the highest standards of corporate ethics and responsibility. Omnis Solar Power's philosophy is to conduct business transparently to provide superior customer service. Our goal is to build successful, long-term relationships with our distributors based on trust and dependability.

    As an American company, we place a premium on preserving our reputation by ensuring that the quality of our products and services is consistent and meets the highest standards. We are unique in that we implement policies of innovation and continuous improvement, which result in continuous improvements in production, quality controls, marketing, information technology systems, employee engagement, and every other aspect of our business. Our brands' stellar reputation has been built on their emphasis on quality.